It's been a long road to bring the Genesys Project to where it is now, right on the verge of going live in just over a month. Where the game started and where it is now are really two different places. It started off conceptually as a game that would help alleviate (give control back to the player) the Game Company's hold on what their factions are able to do, and to constantly change them and evolve them to sell miniatures. Power Creep, New Editions, and rules that were just not used or liked because they did not fit how "I" the gamer wanted to play them.

You know the drill. Purchase your faction book..... buy your models, paint your models, build your list, practice your list, and go play. So much time and effort went into your "list" for events and many of us even were creating our own narratives from the games we played. So all this goes on.... and then bam.... new edition, or change that either invalidates your list and models (that youve worked so hard to get ready). 

Rinse and Repeat. Rinse and Repeat. Many years later you look in your closets and drawers and shelves.... wow, look at all these armies collecting dust.

So the game came out of this desire to not be so afraid of getting the nerf bat. Other things came and a first draft of some basic rules came about. The idea was simple..... A few base factions, select a few additional rules you can add to them... and there is your game. It was brief, unbalanced, and a mess, but the concept was there. As with a lot of projects.... this starts that slow ball rolling.

Two years later The Genesys Project became more of an idea that could be built. I met a person that I admire quite a bit (a game designer for a game we talk about a lot on Faeit 212). After spending some time with him... a number of days, there was some inspiration to physically do this.

This quickly became bigger than a 15 page set of rules and started allowing you to create your own factions from the ground up. Again this evolved as my own knowledge and all the wonderful miniature companies expanded and I saw just how many cool minis were out there.

Being able to incorporate existing miniatures collections players have and ones that are coming out became a bigtime obsession. Could the rules allow for this type of army to be created? If no.... then lets get it figured out; If yes, then does the rules allow the player to really customize that faction to play how they want to play on the tabletop?

Now all of this came even before the Open Beta........ after all there were playing the game rules and much more to be done.

So the concept of a set of Core Rules (not huge) that could be used by different books to plug into became the golden rule. Finally a game that allows you to create an army that the factions are customizable and will play the way you want to play. Want to play a bunch of crazed berserkers? a Roman Legion, Demons from beyond reality, ancient lizard races, or any other race or faction you want to create was how the game had to go.

For a short time there was a few others that were interested in joining this crazy crusade. So my intention was not to lead it. You know how that goes.... it fades away, they fade away.

Then some crazy idiot (that was myself)came up the concept of three ages using that same set of rules. I always wanted a game like that, and always thought that companies that had a Fantasy setting and a future setting should have a more direct connection. I even always looked for it in the games I played and in the lore behind them. How did they connect... do they?

So lots of inspiration later..... it was time to see if there was any traction to the concept. So I started talking about it on Faeit 212. Lets see what people think. Lots of great feedback, so with fire under my belt I pushed towards getting the rules  and faction creation down and working as best as possible.

Then when the Open Beta came...... lots of great feedback. Some 900 of you joined into check out what was going on, and many of you had amazing feedback. Create a Faction events produced no two armies alike, even if they had the same theme within the same Life Domain.

It was all good......We've taken in all the feedback, playtested and built factions for countless hours and now.........

A month out now from going to Kickstarter know that there are 5 Life Domains for you to choose from.
1. Humanoids- Humans, Giants, Dwarves, Elves, Orcs and Goblins and all in between are here.
2. Fey- From Outside of Reality- Demons and Angels, the Elements of Wind and Fire and Primordial Elements of Order, Chaos and Time.
3. Reptilia- Dragons, Troglodytes, Sauriens, including older species like, Dinosaurs, Basilisks, Gargoyles and more.
4. Biests- The Biest Kingdoms include not only their more humanoid like factions, but also Monsters of myth and legend.
5. Insekts- Large numbers of Insects are available as well, from massive swarms to large Monstrous Beetles. Spider/ scorpion species, etc..... Then there is the underlying Cordyceps. Large beyond ancient Fungi controlling the hives and nests to their own ends.

We will be talking a lot more about all of these very soon.


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