The Genesys Project is coming. Im certain you have heard that already, but its time for the game to make it's launch. This will happen in in the second or third week of July. Here is what is coming.

I have spent a lot of time on how to launch the Genesys Project and in order to really push the envelope and have a successful launch I've been spending a lot of time talking to the pros, those that have done this before and know how to present the game, get it printed, and distributed, and avoid all of the other pitfalls that can occur. With that being said, this is a big reason that Dave Taylor Miniatures (Ive known Dave for a few years now) was consulted and brought in to join up on the games launch and distribution.

The Genesys Project will launch a Kickstarter Campaign in the 2nd or 3rd week of July that will include the two books, The Genesys Project- The Core Rules and The Birth of Genesys- the 1st Age.

I have been adamant that there is as short of a time as possible between the Kickstarter Campaign and fulfillment.... getting the rules to you. With the rules already complete we are looking at getting the books to you very quickly. You will not be waiting long to get your game. (I sometimes get frustrated with Kickstarters that have you waiting a year out). We will be doing a rather quick turn around for Kickstarters, 8 months to fulfill and get those books in your hands. Dave has done all this before and is leading this charge. If I can get the rules to you faster... and beat that 8 months I will. (personally shooting for 6.)

We will be talking more about pledges, rules, updates you have not yet heard before, and much more this coming week and the weeks to come. This will include videos, interviews, and much more.

Now you might be asking about the other two ages? Don't fret. Those will follow the 1st Age and unless your as obsessive as myself those 1st Age armies will barely have dry paint on them before the 2nd Age arrives. Everything is getting laid out and the details hammered into stone.

This has been well over 5 years in the making. Probably closer to 6 or so now. It will be worth it.


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