New Site Goes Live! New Site Goes Live!

Thank you for signing up for our newsletter where you can get the latest information on all that is the Genesys Project. This is our fi...

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11:43 PM

Getting Started In The Genesys Project Getting Started In The Genesys Project

First off I will admit completely underestimating the response for this project. Almost a 1000 people have shown interest in the game, an...

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11:30 PM

New Core Rules Release and Humanoid Primarius Updates New Core Rules Release and Humanoid Primarius Updates

The Core Rules are now available for download. This should give everyone a great chance to try out the game and its core mechanics. Ther...

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10:23 PM

Introducing the Reptilia Introducing the Reptilia

Reptilia The Reptilia are cold blooded, brutal and incapable of empathy, even for their own kind. Their intelligence is cunning and...

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6:32 PM

Introducing the Insekta Introducing the Insekta

Insekta The Insekta comprise of highly intelligent insect species. Their origins appear clouded and secret, for underground hidden ...

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3:29 PM

Introducing the Fey Introducing the Fey

Fey The Fey are Immortal and not of this world. They exist outside of reality, originating from beyond the Ethereal. Theirs’s is a r...

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12:03 AM