The Genesys Project is coming to Kickstarter in July, but you probably already know that. What I wanted to talk about today is exactly where the game is at, what we are working on etc.

The Kickstarter will comprise of two books.....
  • The Genesys Project -The Core Rules
  • The Birth of Genesys - The 1st Age
For those that do not know.... The Core Rules are what is used for all three ages. Thats right, every age uses the same rule set. In fact the game is designed to be played starting in the 1st Age and playing all the way through to the 3rd Age and beyond. 

1st Age: Early Fantasy/ Medieval
2nd Age: Modern to near Future
3rd Age: The Far Distant Future

There are a few surprises in store as well, but we will get to those later. The Kickstarter in July starts us off with the 1st Age, and the Birth of Genesys literally has enough options between the 5 Life Domains (Humanoids, Fey, Reptilia, Biests, and Insekt) that no two armies will be the same, unless you do it on purpose. 

Now the fun part is this.... The books are both already written. There is final editing going on, and artwork is being worked on. This gives us a good jump on what needs to be done to get this book in your hands. A good friend of mine once told me.... "Don't do a Kickstarter without the rules being done". Thanks Justin. We have been doing a lot of editing work as well, and will most likely keep going line by line through the book all the way up until they go to print to insure that we have done our best to make the most clear and concise set of rules possible. 

The books are looking good, and in-house playtesting has been fierce and is still going on here in the office. Games are scheduled for Saturday night again.  

The Kickstarter.... This right now is where a lot of our work is being dedicated to. You already know Dave Taylor is on the case here. I knew right from the start that so many companies make mistakes here and there and these cause delays and all sorts of problems. To nip that in the butt, Dave and I have set about a very detailed layout of how the launch will go, everything from layouts, pledges, promotions, distribution, and future releases for the Genesys Project. It's been monumental and focusing our work together with coordination and planning meetings over skype have been very valuable. 

So stay tuned.... we have lots to share with everyone, and we would like to start getting your opinions on stretch goals and what you are most looking forward to in the game. 


  1. Great news. I didn't know you go kickstarter, so good to know :)

    1. We are looking at the 2nd week in July.


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