The Paths of the Fey
The Fey exist within their own realms dedicated the Spheres of Influence that you select, which grants them their abilities and powers. Dedicated to the Light, Darkness, or the realms between, you select the Spheres of Influence that will define your Faction.

Spheres of Influence
Path of Light: 
  1. Celestial
  2. Spheres: Justice, Truth, Courage, Heroism, Healing, Protection, Ascended

Path of Darkness:
  1. Infernal
  2. Corruption, Deceit, Madness, Fear, Pain, Death, Destruction

Shadows of Twlight: 
  1. Primal: Earth, Water, Earth, Fire, and The Ethereal. 
  2. Primordial: Chaos, Order, Time
Unit Classes
Disciples: The lowliest of the Fey are the Disciple classes. These are your most standard units limited to the lesser traits and powers within their Spheres of Influence.

Arch Lords: The lords of their realms, the Archlords are mighty, having access to greater traits and powers. The lords of the Fey are strong and maintain their will over the disciples.

The Paragon: Near God-like in power, these beings are the essence of their Spheres of Influence, with abilities that are stronger the more dedicated they are to their spheres. A Paragon has been likened to a one man army by playtesters


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