Cross-Over Factions
A Cross-Over species or faction is one that starts off in one Life Domain, and ends up in another. Factions that use multiple Life Domains are classified as Cross-Overs Factions. 
Included are

The Outcasts are those Fey that live in reality They have the powers of the Fey, although limited in scope, as they have come to adapt the worlds of Genesys, although often long to return to their lost or forgotten Ethereal Realms. 

The Lure of Forbidden Knowledge brings new traits found within the Humanoid Primarius, containing secrets on how to gain eternal power and immortality. In it Humanoids learn to master the Spheres of Influence. Here, the knowledge gained can achieve massively customizable Undead armies, create a faction of those corrupted by the darkness, or given in to Fear. Although not only the Path of Darkness is open to you.... as you can study the Primal Spheres, focusing on Earth, Air, Water, and Fire, or even taking on the Spheres of Light for a champions of Good. 


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