We are starting off our preview of the Fey today with a look at their weapons. The Fey create powerful weapons and armor in a much different way than the Humanoids do. A Fey's Weapon and Armor enhancements come from "Imbued" powers granted to them within their sphere of influence. Lets take an early look at one of the spheres of influence to see what I am talking about

Spheres of Influence_______________
Truth Opposed to Deceit
Lesser Traits
True Sight 5pts: Night Vision, Ethereal sight
Perception 5pts: Increased Range 1
Combat Awareness 3pts: All Around Sight
Greater Traits
The Truth of the Situation 10pts: Enhance Willpower 2
True Aim 20pts: Foresight X, Exclusive
Strategic Clarity 10pts: Mission Directive X (Primary)

Lesser Powers
Precision (Armory) 5pts: Imbued Weapon, Enhanced Ranged 1
Greater Powers

Seeker of Truth (Armory) 20pts, Imbued Weapon, Enhancement Ranged X, Once per Game (automatic die result of a 6 to hit when shooting with a Ranged Weapon.)

So what you are seeing is traits and powers within the sphere of influence "Truth". This is an early look at the sphere, and only the Imbued Weapons and Armors are shown under powers. There are also powers granted, spell like abilities that are not imbued weapons, but these are not yet listed.

So imbued weapons gain their power when model picks up their weapons, instantly imbuing it with the properties listed. This means that models with multiple spheres can build weapons in this way with multiple imbued powers.

It should also be noted that Greater Powers are for the most part only accessible by Lords, or Paragons of the Fey. (leader and Unique equivalents)


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