The Fey Previews Continue: You have heard of the Undead as being part of the Immortal Fey. Undeath is a Sphere of Influence on the Path of Darkness, but more interesting is that every Sphere of Influence has an Opposing Sphere, and in this case I want to introduce to you the Ascended.

The Ascended are Fey who have pushed past life and Transcended past their bodies to become beings of energy. They are living energy reaching to achieve something beyond the known universe. In it, the Ascendant's bodies are mere shells of pure energy within. They no longer take wounds like the living, but instead do so like non-living. Then there is the Reverent, those disciples that are have dedicated their existence to their Paragon who to them is Divine above all things. Their mere presence bolsters the abilities of their Paragon, and with dedication can even enhance their Lords powers and Traits.

Spheres of Influence_______________
Ascended Opposed to Undeath
Lesser Traits
Ascendance 10pts: Ascendant
Reverence 2pts: Reverent (Disciple Class Only)
Greater Traits
Transcendence 45pts: Transcendence (pre-requisite Ascendance), Increase Willpower α, Exclusive
Ascendant Divinity 30pts: Ascendant Divinity (Class trait only)
The Divine Word 20pts: Enhancement Command α,

Lesser Powers
Energy Weapons (Armory) 5pts: Imbued Weapons, Reduce Armor 1
Greater Powers

Holy Might (Armory) 15pts: Imbued Weapons, Smite


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