Now with the Fey out, we are looking at the next Create a Faction Contest. Its time to get yourself familiar with how the Fey work. There has been updates, feedback, and starting April 1st the Fey will have their own Contest.

What is the Create a Faction Contest? Its a chance for you to submit your own creations, using the Faction and Unit Class downloads. Through out the month of April we will run the contest, sharing other peoples submissions, to not only inspire all of us on what can be created, to show off the diversity that can be accomplished with this new Life Domain.

The best part is that we will be selecting one faction at the very end of the event. This faction will be used for game demo's, and in the future, used for our starter sets. The way the 2 player starter sets will work, is that there will be a core box and you will select which two domains you want included in it. So as you can tell, there will be 5 Life Domains, The Humanoids, Fey, Biests, Reptilia, and the Insekt to select from.

Create a Faction Contest... Fey
Starts April 1st!!!! through the month. Get your factions ready.


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