As we head into the weekend, registered players that have used the form on the main site to get playtest material early will be receiving a link to update the Humanoid Primarius and the Core rules. There are several rules, and minor updates going in.

These rules are yours to check out, and test over the weekend before we go live on Monday morning with them. Specifically flying rules are in, as well as Arcane Constructs, new Foci Powers, and many more updates.

If you have not yet signed up for early updates, you can do so here

Once signed up, you can expect an email late Friday with your link.


  1. Hi, I have some question regarding Powers (aka Spells):

    Arcane Knowledge X allows me to take (design?) X powers for the Class that have this Trait.

    Does that mean, this is a mandatory trait for spellcasters?

    Can every class have its own (Unique) power or do they "share" a racial spell book (so to say)?

    Can I design Powers without selecting a Trait that gives Arcane Power 0/5? I assume, yes.

    How many spells can a model cast per activation (I assume only a single spell)?

    Is there a limit with the number of units that can cast spells? Can I choose Arcane Knowledge as Racial Trait, thus giving each model (squad?) the option to cast spells? (Spellcaster Army Incomming!)


    1. Does that mean, this is a mandatory trait for spellcasters?
      yes, for Arcane Casters. This is what makes them an arcane caster.

      And yes, you can design a power without attribute upgrades. The attributes are more powerful versions of the powers you can cast.

      Only one power per activation per squad.

      So yes, you can create a race that is fully dedicated to Arcane or even Faith Powers, and if your really dedicated... both.

      Let me know if there are any questions. There are some updates coming with new foci any day now.

      Early playtesters gave back a tremendous amount of feedback and its taken a little longer for me to get to it all. So a day or two on the next updates to version 1.05

    2. Thanks for the response. Can't wait for more :)


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