Aerial Combat Rules are intended to come into the game, and I want to throw a very basic rule set for it out. Having Arcane Mages, dueling Manticores, or even low flying gundrones and jetpacked infantry have always been on my mind.

So this is very early first draft rules for Aerial Combat. Looking for feedback. I am very timid with flying rules as in most games at this scale they do not make sense. I would love to incorporate a more 3 dimensional battlefield.

Arcane Power (humanoid power)
Levitation. Strength 1: Levitation takes the caster up into the air beyond the reach of melee combat to do battle and fight. The caster is able to move around in the air as normal movement Enhancement +X, where X is the strength of the power.
For Air Combat test rules see below.

Aerial Combat: Movement through the air is done at 3 different levels on the tabletop. All movement upward must be expended to reach the higher levels. So in order to reach 12” you must expend 12” of movement upwards.
Lower- All models at this level are considered to be 6” above the ground and able to be engaged in melee combat. At this level of altitude, the models are still considered at ground level, although they ignore terrain that effects only the models on the ground.

Middle- All models are assumed to be 12” above the ground and outside of melee combat on the ground, unless of course their threat range can reach 12” up. Model size (see standards) + threat range. (thinking giants swatting aerial combatants out of the sky)

High- All models this high are high up above the battlefield 24” up. These models are beyond melee combat from the ground, and only weapons able to fire 48”+ are able to fight between the ground and high altitudes.

Ranged Combat between Altitudes
Ground and High Altitude:  +3 target Rtn    48" minimum Weapon range
Medium and High Altitude:  +2 target Rtn    15" minimum  Weapon range

* After determining that you can fire, measure the distances between the bases to take the shot.

Suggestions for Aerial Combat
While Aerial Combat is still very early in concept, customized elevated bases are suggested. If not available, then markers or tokens can be used to show at what elevation the model is at.

Armor movement restrictions are negated for aerial combat

Falling from any height incurs a hit with a combat resolution number equal to the distance you have fallen with a strength 0 hit.


  1. "thinking giants swatting aerial combatants out of the sky"
    > I like it :)

    "Armor movement restrictions are negated for aerial combat"
    > What is the design reason for this decision? Wouldn't heavy armor also slow down the arial movement and agility?

    1. I have been working a lot on powers, so that was where I was coming from, and thought was that powers would not be restricted in the air by armor. However, I think I agree that heavy armor and even mounted creatures need to be effected when armored or mounted.


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