I wanted to talk a little on another early concept that is being worked on, with the hopes of being added to the game soon. Let me introduce you to Arcane Constructs

An Arcane Caster can only control a single Construct during battle. 

Arcane Construct 100pts
Arcane constructs are massive non-living statue brought to live and embued with energy directly from the Ethereal. This brings life into the Construct, and it will obey the commands of the Arcane Caster crushing those before it with enormous strength. 

Strength *     Toughness *     Movement: 2
Martial: 2      Ranged 2      Defense 3
Discipline -    Willpower:-     Command: -
Mtn 5     Rtn 5
*Strength and toughness are equal to the Casters Willpower. 

Arcane Constructs can be fitted with any common weapon, or weapon the Arcane caster has access to. 

As with vehicles, projectile weapons cannot have a higher strength than the toughness value of the Construct. As a non-living Construct take damage its toughness value drops. At any point the strength of a ranged weapon drops below the toughness value of the construct, the weapon is inoperable. Melee Weapons do suffer this effect, but instead lose Martial skill if the toughness drops below the constructs skill. 

Example: A construct with a heavy crossbow (str 4) with the following characteristics.
Strength 4 Toughness 5 Movement 3
Martial 3 Ranged 3 Defense 3
Mtn 6 and rtn 6

The construct takes 2 damage, reducing its toughness to 3. This lowers all of its characteristics by 1. The heavy crossbow (str4) is can no longer be fired, and the Construct’s strength is reduced to 3. 

Any additional damage will take martial and Ranged down as well, making the construct much less effective. 

Fielding an Arcane Construct requires a player to include the construct on the army list, and then at deployment casting the power that will activate the Construct. If the Caster Fails for some reason, the Caster may attempt every game round to activate the Construct and bring it in from reserves. 

Spend Arcane Power X points to create even more powerful Constructs. Any attribute may only be selected once for any given power. Attributes stack with other attributes. 

5pt Attributes (increases difficulty by 1)
     • Characteristic Increase 1 (choice of Strength, toughness, Movement, Martial, Ranged, Defense). +10pts Constructs Cost. 
     • Weapons of War: The Construct is fitted with weapons able to be used by Caster, and or any common weapons. This can include crossbows, firearms, and other weapons. This adds the point cost of the weapon to the Construct. Heavy military weapons cannot be added.

10pt Attributes (Increases Difficulty by 2)
     • Characteristic Increase 2 (choice of Strength, toughness, Movement, Martial, Ranged, Defense). These can be split between two characteristics. +20pts
     • Extremis Material creates the Construct out of extremis materials. This grants the attacks of the construct extremis weapon effects from page 43, and protects the construct the selected extremis with Resistance (extremis selection) +25pt Construct Costs
     • Extremis Power. This allows the caster to cast his powers through his Construct. Extremis Powers only. +20pts Construct Cost
     • Alchemical Additions. With the help of an Alchemists, an Arcane Caster can add Alchemy additions to the Construct.  Examples would be a Flame Siphon in the Arm, or an explosive grenade launcher. In order to add these, another class in your army must have these traits. 25pt Construct cost


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