Been busy designing your faction in Genesys, and not yet hit the tables? Here is an overview and playthrough of a 500pt demo game highlighting some of it's features.

Some of the things you will see in the game
*Back and Forth interactive gameplay
*Vying to gain the upper hand through gaining the Initiative
*Cavalry charging through squads using Trample to reach vulnerable units
*Threat Ranges determining who attacks first during the 1st round of melee
*The Use of Cooperative Attacks to take down the enemy
*Flanking exhausted squads (ones that have already used their action)
*Using Shields to Deflect attacks
*Reactionary Activations interrupting gameplay.
*Critical Hits
and More..............

This is a 500pt game between the Encryptors and the Seishin. Both races were designed through the Humanoid Primarius. The Encryptors search for knowledge and understanding of the powers they seek in the Ether, while the Seishin hold tightly to forbidden knowledge they possess granting them powers of the elements.


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