There is a couple areas that are in need of testing, and feedback. The new focus for the next couple months will be on the 2nd Age, starting with Humanoids. Here are a couple items of interest to get you going, but anything 2nd Age related is welcome.

Remember you can contact me directly with feedback or questions at or use the feedback forms on

Also for those of you interested in starting a humanoid army, there is an amazing deal from Warlord Games right now, where literally you can start a Genesys Project army (good sized) for less than $50, even down to $30 (which is what I picked up today).

Its all part of their Sprue Sale, where entire sprues can be bought $3+ dollars. I literally went in and bought up some Japanese Models, including Mounted Samurai, Ashigaru troops and more for $30.75. Thats quite a bit of models for $30.

Samurai Cavalry Riders Sprue × 1 $4.00    6 Mounted Samurai
Samurai Cavalry Horses Sprue × 1 $4.00   6 Horses
Samurai Infantry Sprue × 2  $6.50              5 Samurai per sprue
Ashigaru Yari Troops Sprue × 3 $9.75       5 Troop models per sprue
Ashigaru Missile Troops Sprue × 2 $6.50  5 bowmen/gunners per sprue

All together 41 models for $30.75
If you don't want Japanese Themed miniatures, there is a lot to choose from....... Greek Hoplites, Pikemen, Cannons, Roman Legionaires, and even some modern and futuristic sprues for Warlord Games Miniatures.


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