Next up for the Genesys Project are the Reptilia. The Reptilia are very much near completion already, and although the new Domain rules for them will be live for in-house testing this weekend, will be holding off releasing them for yet a few more weeks.

So what can I tell you so for about them?
As you would expect from the Genesys Project... The Reptilia are not organized or created the same way as either the Humanoids or the Fey. Instead they have Lineages or Bloodlines. There are 6 Reptilian Lineages that you will be able to create from (and of course even mix them up some).

Reptilian Lineages
1. Draconic
2. Troglodyte
3. Saurien
4. Tuatara
5. Gargoyal
6. Ophidian

While I will dig into them in more detail later, know that each Lineage has it's own traits and a degenerative form. Degenerative forms include such things as Drakes in the Draconic bloodlines, Dinosaur like creatures in the Troglodyte forms, Annura for the Sauriens, and much more.

Each lineage also has a certain amount of access to other categories of traits, such as Extremis or Adaptability traits.

So you can see that there will be a ton of flexibility for the Reptilia and you being able to create just about anything you want to from fiery dragons to aquatic species. There is just a ton of room, and best of all, the Reptilia are much more straight forward to create than the Fey. They are more equivalent to the Humanoids.


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