The latest updates for the Humanoids Primarius, Core Rules, and Fey Apocryphōrum are updated now to v2.8. There are a few changes that need to be addressed.

First: The first and most important is that abilities are now all at the back of the Core Rules. This simplifies things, and puts them all in one place.

Second: Check the site and make certain that v2.8 is available. It will be there today, but this notice will more than likely beat the updates going live.

Whats been updated? Quite a bit for the Fey. The feedback has been awesome, and literally pages of feedback have been looked over, assessed, and adjustments made. Lets look at some of the highlights.

Trample: is now an attack based on the movement characteristic instead of a melee attack. After all you are trying to run someone over, not swing an axe at them.

The Fey now have a set of Sub-Classes, and every Fey Faction has access to many different options. These include Animated Dead, Fey Minions, Incarnates, the Devout, and Fey Beasts. These add a tremendous amount of flexibility to your factions.

Beyond that there are many more updates, and as usual they are red type. These are additional clarifications, balancing of the rules, and in some cases changes that were needed.

What did not make it? Well... again powers did not make the cut into this update. Between the amount of great feedback, vacation, and arriving home sick over the last few days, the powers were not able to be added to this update. They will get here.


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