The latest updates for The Genesys Project are currently live and available for download. The updates include the Humanoid Primarius and the Core Rules updates, refinements, and more.

Some of the fun things added to v1.08
-Exotic Beasts adds new attributes to mounts and monstrous beasts, including characteristic increases, flight, Extremis Elemental abilities, and more.
-Arc attacks are sweeping attacks to strike multiple opponents in a single attack
-Dirty Fighting allows for an unarmed attack at the end of melee attacks.
-Smash attacks allows for Large Giants and their kin to crush those that stand before them.
-Self Only Powers allowing for entire squads channel arcane powers for effects such as levitation, ethereal blades, and more.
-Javelins expand upon the rules for common weapons, giving us a new throwing weapon opposite of Military Spears which are for melee combat.
-Updates to Coordinated attacks differentiating them more from impossible shots, and granting a better bonus making them more worthwhile

and much much more.


  1. Page 33:

    " except for armory traits, where new
    weapon, equipment, and power variants may be
    created for your new class."

    So i create a Elite caster with 1 spell and improved spell -/5 and select e.g fire bolt with increased range.

    Now I create a leader from this class an thanks class can change the power improvement to e.g. enhancement strength 1.


  2. Throwing weapons:

    When I buy those for a squad, CA the squad fire infinity times, or do I start with 1 weapon and ned to buy additional ones? The RAW imply the second. If so what is the advantage compared to bows (assuming a strength <= 3), that have more range and unlimited ammo.

    1. I am going to dig back through weapons.I agree that some of these areas need clarification and updated.

  3. Abundant Resources:

    it says that 'secondary weapons' do not get a discount. What are secondaries?

    * a second melee weapon, e.g. a pike and a sword
    * a second melee weapon, e.g. 2 flintlock pistols
    * any second weapon e.g. a bow in addition to a sword

    1. I assume the discount also does not count for t third weapon.

      So you get it for 1 of each type of melee weapon, range weapon, body armor and shield?

  4. Regarding the '4 items per model' limit, can you confirm that:

    * Animal Companions are excluded from this limit
    * primitive weapons are included (e.g. I could take a common military spear, a common armor and up to two additional primitive spears.)
    * equipment (armor) for mounts are excluded
    * two melee weapons (aka dual wield) count as 2 items

  5. Can I take a shield and a two-handed weapons so I can use the shields deflection against range attacks and than switch to the 'bihänder' when attacked in melee in an instant?


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