The Fey are our second look at the Domains found with the Genesys Project. Out of all the Life Domains in the Genesys Project the Fey are the most mysterious and deviate the most in how they are created in comparison to the other domains.

Every Fey Species lives withing their own realms beyond reality. These "Spheres" are pure in their form and belief. Each faction chooses to walk the Path of Light, Darkness, or within the shadows of the the twilight. This is done before anything else when creating a Fey faction.

Traits and abilities for the Fey come from Spheres of Influence such as Truth, Deciet, Courage, Fear, Protection, Destruction, Heroism, and Madness. There are many more and while the Paths of Light and Darkness are in the furthest reaches, the Twilight Realms exists much closer to reality and form up the basic principals of the universe. Earth, Air, Fire, and Water and even the Primordial Forces of Creation are represented here, with Order and Chaos, and the Sphere of Time.

The Fey within each faction are separated into Lesser and Greater Classes. Only the Greater Classes have any access to the Greater Traits and Powers of the Fey. Paragons are the near God-like beings representing all that a faction is and able to wield strongest powers with the abilities to alter their attributes at will (during gameplay).

Of the Fey, this is the most varied of factions I have seen created during the development of The Genesys Project. From Undead legions, Ghosts, Infernal Machines of Destruction, to Celestial Warriors, Guardians of Truth, and much more.

There is a wide variety of miniature ranges that can fit with these factions. Demons, Angels, and more human-like entities.

Raging Heroes

My own personal faction are consumed by the Spheres of Pain and Destruction with a slight edge of the Infernal. For these I have been using the Lust Elves from Raging Heroes

Mantic Games

Kings of War and Vanguard have an excellent variety of miniatures for the Fey with their Nightstalkers and Undead forces.


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