A couple Important things to briefly go over today, starting with the Create a Faction Contest. The winner has been selected, and due to inclement weather and holidays killing several in-house playtest sessions, the announcement took longer to happen. There were several factions that were tested and looked at on the table, and the Encryption Project was selected as the winner for the Create a Faction Contest. This puts them on the tables at our first Event that we will be at demoing the game, the Nova Open.

So yes, the Genesys Project will make a more formal announcement later on... but already the tables and rooms are reserved. We will be there playtesting the game live with all of you that can make it there to Washington D.C. August 31st-September 3rd 2017. We will be playing the game, creating new factions, and talking about the game.

So yes, the Encryption Project will be one of the factions on the tables, but so will others. It is very likely that we will be taking other factions as well, most likely created from the Create a Faction Contest, or the upcoming next Life Domain.... The Fey. We will be talking more and more about this in the near future.


  1. I fully understand if its not on the cards but would it be possible to get a breakdown/review of each submitted faction and what led you to your final choice?

    As a fledgeling game designer myself I would be really interested into your insights and knowing certain critisisms (too many points per model, too complex, etc.) might lead to better (more usable) designs for future contests.

    Again, I understand if you don't want to but I am sure some people would be interested in constructive critisisms of their work.

    1. I can briefly go over what brought about the final decision. Otherwise it would be a huge task.

      First off, the Community vote did select the Encryption Project by almost a 2 to 1 margin.

      The people involved in selecting were myself, a group of in-house playtesters, and Jason who is deeply involved here with production/marketing.

      Some of the things that we were looking at were, what race really can show off the game, (which ended up being a lot), which one do we think could be produced for a starter if we put miniatures in it (cost and conceptual), and which one fit well for quick learning games (point cost and rules used), and possibly a follow up to demo the game play. There is also a narrative element as well, as there is a background to the game and future releases that has not been revealed yet.

      So a background did help tremendously, but was not necessary.

      We are preparing now for events, starting with the Nova Open, and then next year the LVO, and possibly Adepticon. The plan is two demo tables, so we will be needing 4 factions in total. So don't be surprised if another couple are chosen to be on those tables, depending upon how much work we can get done.

      Also when we release the next Domain, we will run a Create a Faction contest for it. Fey are next, and are probably 2-4 weeks out. So figure March for that.

      In the end, there were several races that seemed just wonderful to use, and hit all the marks. The Encryption Project, or Encryptors as we tend to call them here, also fit amazingly well (which surprised several of us) into the future narrative that we have not yet released. Allowing this race to fit right into it and be woven into the narrative.

      Now, that all said, if I was to choose a race I wanted to play personally and start modelling for my own..... there is one I wanted to jump on (assuming that I had lots of time to do more side projects).

      Some amazing creativity was put into these factions, as not two were the same. Im still impressed, and do not doubt that I will be thinking of these as the game moves forward.

    2. Thanks, for the inside view. This was an interesting read.

      Well, and btw., thank you for the opportunity to get creatively involved in this project.

      Watching the periodical faction entries revealed, during the showcase period was like a 2nd Advent calendar. :D

    3. My goal is to do another create your faction contest for the fey with the same goals To produce a faction that will be used as a starter for the fey, plus be used at events to showcase the game. I am really excited to release the fey in February.

      It's interesting that in the humanoid create a faction contest some of the faction concepts that people came up with would almost work better with the fey.

    4. In the end we will need a faction starter for each life domain.


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