Available now is the long awaited 2nd Age update for the Humanoid Primarius. In in are rules for Cybernetics, Vehicle Design, Robotics, and much more. The second age takes us into and beyond our real life modern times, taking your factions to the brink of the Apocalypse and beyond.

As your Faction pushes its technological advancements forward, you must decide whether or not you will push that advancement forward without paying heed to the consequences, or whether you will take a balanced approach to avoid the downfall of civilization. Whether you are forming your new civilization out of the ashes, or advancing carefully and methodically to avoid collapse, the new weapons and technologies are certain to change the path of your Species forever.

Welcome to the Second Age.

The files are available now. Here is a brief heads up on what is coming

Please remember this is the first release of the 2nd Age open beta. Consider it to be a first draft as we push it further to clarify and refine the new abilities and technologies of the age.

Certain things were not left in, but will be coming soon. These are Beam Weapons, Magnetic Particle Weapons, and Powers.

There is plenty to explore and create with your Faction.... So let me know what you think, and lets dive in.


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