The Core Rules are now available for download. This should give everyone a great chance to try out the game and its core mechanics. There are a couple things to remember with this release. The first being that while this game has been in the works for several years, this is a big update to the rules and to the current version that is being worked on.

Please consider this a rough draft of the rules. Getting this out of in house testing is vital. Any questions and thoughts are welcome. Please forward these to

Core Rules beta v1.0

Humanoid Primarius beta v1.0

Racial Design Sheets

Unit Class Design Sheets

If you are going to jump into a game, the suggestion is to start off with 250pts. Pre-made lists are in the works along with playtest aids and documents. These will be coming throughout the month.

I plan on updating as is needed. There are also a few mechanics that did not get into this release, like campaign events, and HeroPlay. These will be a bit out.


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