The Reptilia are cold blooded, brutal and incapable of empathy, even for their own kind. Their intelligence is cunning and analytical, savage and viscous, rising them above the bickering and political intrigues that plague the other races that the Reptilia consider themselves superior to.

The typical Reptilia is a massive creature standing at least a two heads taller than a typical human.

Reptilia Communicate not only through guttural vocal sounds, but through scent glands that can taste the air for pheromones. When used in combination provide a wide usage of complex communications that are difficult if not impossible for other races to comprehend.

Genetic Mutations are rife among the Reptilia. While obvious mutations are often culled, many survive to push the species to new extremes with evolutionary advantages.

The Reptilia were the first race to achieve sentience from the Genesis Project, and as such, held sway on many worlds through the millenniums of the past. They are the descendants of the Great Leviathan, slain by Creator Races of the Humanoids, forever creating animosity between two domains.

The Reptilia have evolved to adapt too many different environments through a regulatory system that allows for a superior range of body temperatures during extreme conditions. This has pushed many species of Reptilia into extreme and hostile environments, from raging volcanic lands, to freezing tundra.

There are ancient stories of Dragons, and a malign evil intelligence that once ruled many of the Genesis Worlds. Whether true or not, draconic heritage can be found among the many Reptilia species, as are ancient artifacts left behind as these civilizations faded to dust.

There are two mutation variants that are often seen among the Reptilia; the highly intelligent Saurien, and the more primitive and diminutive Tuatara. Entire civilizations of these two variants can be found. There are others as well including the secretive Ophidian and the rare but violent Gargoyal.


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