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  1. Thank you Gary, good luck with the Kickstarter and I look forward to making my faction with you.

    I've been playing tabletop RPGs for a good 20+ years, and about 4 years I started getting interested in wargames, when I found The Genesys project I knew it was something I wanted to sink my teeth into.

    My store is new and still growing, Im capable of printing anything from Miniatures to Terrain and all things related to playing table top games. The Discount is a token of appreciation to the people of the Genesys community for helping make this beautiful game a reality.

    and Thank you Gary and the rest of your team for creating The Genesys Project worlds where our imagination can run wild.

    here's to hoping Covid19 gets under control so we can all get back together and play the game's we so love.

    James Jefferson (Ravenous miniatures)

  2. I have increased the Discount code to 25%

    Discount code is Genesys25


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