Its quite obvious we are getting closer to heading to the release of the Genesys Project. However there is a an announcement that I wanted to let out before the end of the year. The first books released for the game will be.....

  • The Genesys Project: Core Rules
  • The Birth of Genesys: The First Age
What exactly will be in the books we will be talking a lot about in the coming weeks, but I will let you in on a couple of the exciting bits. 

The Genesys Project: The Core Rules will include all the rules for gameplay for all three ages, including missions, mission awards, and playing the game. For those of you familiar with the game know that all three ages use the same rules of gameplay and can even be played with factions from different ages playing each other. 

The Birth of Genesys: The First Age
This one is the surprise announcement today. This book will include the entirety of the 1st Age gameplay for all the Life Domains. Humanoids, Fey, Reptilia, Biests, and Insekt will be included in this book. That means you only need this book for the 1st Age factions you want to play. If your Faction has access to other domains... no need for additional books. All your needs, one book.

One book, seemingly unlimited options for your army. This is what The Genesys Project is all about. 

This book is equivalent of releasing an entire game with all its army books in one place. The benefit is to the gamers. One Book. One Age. One Game. 

Of course this also means that the following books.... for the 2nd and 3rd Age will also come in a single books dedicated to their Age. 

More to Come!!!!!


  1. This is awesome, after seeing it at NOVA, I’m really excited.

  2. This is amazing news. Really this system is everything I hoped any systems would provide. And one book for any given age is perfect.


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