There is a big update coming to the Genesys Project, and for those of you actively involved, or want to be, we need your help with the first part of this update.

This update changes the way powers work a little, making them more flexible and customizable, especially if you are a Fey Faction. Fey are able to manipulate powers in-game, adjusting their strength, area of effect, duration and more. This gives Fey their jump in power boost that many of you had been discussing as the Fey's primary weaknesses were becoming more evident.

What we need specifically is playtesters to take a look at the new powers, and very specifically how they work and their point cost. Then send back a little feedback on your opinions of them. This update along with power updates to Humanoids and the Reptilia release are looking to be live next week.

Here is where you can get the new files for now for the Fey.


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