It's been a while, and I have had the chance to get many of these races in front in in-house playtesters and a couple on the on the gaming tables. There are a lot of very fun and exciting factions that were created with the contest, and narrowing it down to just a few is where we are at right now.

Just to be clear, the races selected were chosen for their capability with a starter set mentality. There were a lot of creative races that I would love to play, and even more see how they advance through the Genesys Project beyond their creation. However, the starter sets will be a combined starter set, where players will choose which Life Domains they want included in the box. In essence custom starters so that the included race must be selected for how well it will feel for demo games and learning the system.

Towards this, one selected community created faction will be chosen from below to be incorporated into the Humanoid side of things. In house we have narrowed this down and I would like the communities input, you may vote by emailing me at

Simply put the name of the faction in the title of the email please like below to get it counted.

  • Create a Faction: Gren's Exiles
  • Create a Faction: The Fayral
  • Create a Faction: The Encryption Project

These are the three factions that it has been narrowed down to by the in-house discussions. There were several others that were close. So if you feel strongly about another faction, by all means, vote for it.

Gren's Exiles


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