The Genesys Project back in conception took on a lot of difficult problems. The first being of course army customization (which was a huge one), playing multiple ages with the same gaming system, and of course making the game scale in points seamlessly from skirmish to large battles.

Of course Im not claiming success at each of these, but lets jump into how the game scales upwards, and how you create your army lists in the Genesys Project.

The concept was to allow for complete customization of your models even down to the lowly base warrior. This gives those wanting to, the real ability to customize their individual models for even the lowly standard warriors, and play them in games that focuses upon them. Then in larger games they become part of a larger squad, becoming part of something larger themselves, as the game play focuses on a larger battle.

Remember that once the table is set up, your missions known, and your opponent is sitting across from you..... this is when you prepare your forces. The goal being to optimize both players and their forces for the best game possible.

Each class type scales upwards depending up on the size of the game you have agreed to play. Here is what it looks like.

5. Preparing your Forces
5.1 Creating Your Army List: The Genesys Project scales upwards in squad sizes and what units types are available as the point value of your game increases.

Each point level concentrates on a specific class type in order to really concentrate on that class. This makes it so small skirmish sized games really focus on standard classes, while larger games incorporate additional class types and focus on more specialized forces.

At this point you should have decided upon a point level of gameplay, set up the board, and resolved what your missions are during the game. Now it is time to write out your army list for the game, selecting unit classes and equipping them. There is no limited number units that can be taken
Once you have reached your maximum points allowed during the game, share your list with your opponent, and your racial sheets if your opponent is not familiar with your race. Your deployment choices should also be recorded for the game with your army list. See 6. Deployment for more details.

5.2 Squad Sizes: When the squad size is higher than 1, Humanoids squad size is determined by the highest Discipline characteristic of the models in the squad, with a multiplier.
You may take as many different squads of the unit classes allowed during a game.

Standard Classes: Maximum Squad Size:
Minimum Squad size equals the multiplier
125-249pts- Only Single models
250-499pts- Discipline x1
500- 999pts- Discipline x2
1000-1999pts- Discipline x3
2000+ Discipline x4
For example, a 1000pt game for a unit class with a discipline of 3 would be 3-9models.

Elite Classes Maximum Squad Size:
Minimum Squad size equals the multiplier
125-249pts- Cannot participate
250-499pts- Only Single Models
500- 999pts- Discipline x1
1000-1999pts- Discipline x2
2000+ Discipline x3

Leader Classes:  Maximum Squad Size:
Minimum Squad size equals the multiplier
125-499pts- Cannot participate
500- 999pts- Only One model/game
1000-1999pts- Only Single Models
2000+ Discipline x1

Unique Classes
125-999pts- Cannot Participate
1000-1999pts- Only One Model/game

2000+ Only Single Models (can have more than one on the table if you have multiple Unique Classes)


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